Company Overview

Engineering Expertise for Over 40 Years

S&ME formed in 1973 when founders Glenn Futrell and Bob Owens began providing geotechnical and construction materials engineering services to clients. A decade later, in 1983, S&ME grew to a company of 500 employees in 15 offices across six southeastern states. This set the stage for even more. As the company expanded, we added several environmental services that in turn, increased our staff of experts. Today, S&ME is a thriving company of dedicated individuals with vast technical expertise throughout 30+ offices in 10 states. Looking back on our successes over the past 45+ years, we are most proud of our commitment to clients and service abilities which include: Civil EngineeringConstruction ServicesEnvironmentalGeotechnicalPlanning + Design. Our breadth of service capabilities reinforces our diversity as a company and our success is largely in part from our people, their technical excellence, and our companywide purpose of helping our communities prosper.

Corporate Culture

S&ME firmly believes that to become successful, we must invest in people. We are independent and dynamic thinkers who enjoy finding solutions to complex problems. Our culture supports our reputation for excellence by promoting a spirit of teamwork and dedicated professionalism by which our client’s vision is made our top priority.

We recognize that a diverse staff is vital to our sustainability and continued growth. We value a commitment to equal opportunity and that it applies to all aspects of the employment relationship including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, compensation, training, promotion, and all other matters related to employment.

Diversity & Inclusion at S&ME

At S&ME, we recognize the importance of having a culture that attracts, supports, and develops employees from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to foster an environment where Diversity & Inclusion are not just something that we “do,” but are core to who we are. We are engaging leaders and key stakeholders to identify ways to improve our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that every employee feels welcome and secure and that the contributions of each individual are respected. Here at S&ME, our commitment to equal opportunity applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, compensation, training, promotion, and all other matters related to employment. We recognize that the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences gained from a diverse staff are vital to our sustainability, success, and continued growth.

Company Summary
S&ME Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
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2724 Discovery Drive
Raleigh, NC