Company Overview
Millennium Health, based in San Diego, is a leading health solutions company that delivers timely, accurate, clinically actionable information to inform the right treatment decisions for each patient. The company shares a unified belief that everyone has the right to safe and effective medicine and aims to deliver on that idea by providing clinicians and payers with effective tools and information to reach that goal. Millennium Health offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Millennium PGTSM, Millennium UDTSM and Millennium OFTSM, which can be applied together to better address the goal of better tailoring patient care.

Millennium Health has been focused on improving the lives of people who are suffering since its founding in 2007. Through our ability to attract dedicated and highly-skilled people and our use of best-in-class technology, we transformed the science of toxicology to help ensure safety, proper care, and best treatment options for patients in need. The resources and education we provide help to personalize treatment plans, and improve clinical outcome and patient safety.

Our vision for Millennium Health is to continue to respond to evolving health care challenges and provide the superior technology and service our customers deserve. We will help practitioners to improve the quality of care, reduce costs and enable a new emphasis on patient-centered care. The contributions of our employees allow us to anticipate the changing needs of our customers and embrace opportunities to advance the practice of medicine. Our people are Millennium Health’s greatest asset and we strongly believe that their integrity, creativity and dedication are the building blocks of our future success.
Company Summary
Millennium Health
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