Company Overview
Inter-Con was founded in 1973 by retired Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant Enrique “Hank” Hernandez. His vision for Inter-Con was to create a company capable of providing comprehensive security solutions to businesses and governments whose security needs exceeded the capabilities of traditional “guard companies.” Our first customer was NASA, where we were asked to implement a security program incorporating a variety of security disciplines in a classified environment. This critically different starting place, and the sophisticated security efforts which followed, have shaped Inter-Con’s growth and organizational development.

Thirteen years later, in 1986, with numerous highly-successful and innovative security programs already accomplished for the U.S. Government, Mr. Hernandez and Inter-Con were selected by the United States Department of State to begin the first-ever local guard security force as a pilot program in Mexico. That program was extraordinarily successful, and the concept of incorporating private security services into the protection of U.S. Embassies is now the broad model for how American embassies are protected around the world.

Since those first contracts, Inter-Con has grown to become one of the largest security companies in the world, employing tens of thousands of individuals not only throughout the United States, but also across 20 countries and four continents. We are proud to boast a client list including federal, state and local governments, multinational corporations, public utilities and high net worth individuals. Internationally, we have developed into the premier provider of diplomatic security services, safeguarding dozens of United States Embassies, as well as dozens of other embassy locations around the world.

Above and beyond our commitment to security excellence, Inter-Con remains true to our roots. To this day, we remain 100% owned and managed by the family of Hank Hernandez, with our headquarters in Pasadena, CA.

At Inter-Con, we are proud to be Everywhere Security Matters.
Company Summary
Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.
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(626) 535-2200
210 South De Lacey Avenue
Pasadena, CA