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With our Wurster Technology, Coating Place, Inc. (CPI) is at the forefront of micro-encapsulation sciences, offering the finest in research, development and commercial manufacturing services.

Dr. Dale E. Wurster, Ph.D. established and patented the innovative Wurster particle coating process in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Working in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), Dr. Wurster built a prototype coating unit for research batches. Harlan S. Hall began working with WARF in 1971 as the Coating Laboratory Manager. In 1976, Harlan purchased the Wurster technology and original prototype equipment, marking the founding of Coating Place, Inc. By 1997, Coating Place developed their proprietary linear scalability to move from development batch work to production manufacturing. With this innovation, the opportunity for commercial manufacturing of thin film-coating on pharmaceutical drugs, specialty chemicals and food grade materials was created.

Today, Coating Place has two manufacturing facilities equipped with twenty proprietary, highly advanced Wurster fluid bed coating units for commercial and research production. Coating Place continues to operate as a privately held, FDA and EMA approved contract manufacturing facility capable of formulations development, technology transfer, process scale-up, commercial manufacturing and many other technologies and services. No other contract research company offers a comparable record of bringing microencapsulated products to commercial viability as quickly and efficiently as Coating Place. With 40 years of experience across a wide range of Wurster applications, Coating Place provides unmatched proprietary knowledge with a continuous focus to improve and optimize the Wurster process.

Our Mission

Deliver innovative coatings and exceptional services that our customers trust.

Our Vision

Be the global innovator and expert in Wurster coating technology.

"Coating Place is an established pharmaceutical and food contract development/manufacturing organization specializing in Wurster fluid bed processing and delivery system development. We provide our customers with modified & extended release bulk active products through innovative development and manufacturing capabilities with an integrated quality philosophy."

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