Company Overview
Since its founding in 1895, Anritsu has been a pioneer in the telecommunications field, marking its 120 years of growth with achievements that include creating the world’ s first practical wireless telephone, which paved the way for today’s smartphones. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and everyone else who has made this possible.

With its measurement business as the pillar supporting the further advancement of its mobile broadband services, Anritsu offers solutions that are indispensable for building a safer and more secure society in a broad range of fields including quality assurance inspection equipment for foods and pharmaceutical products, remote monitoring and control systems, traffic shapers, and high-speed electronic devices.

Through remarkable advances in telecommunications technology, we have achieved the creation of an environment in which smartphones have become a commodity, and convenient and useful mobile applications can be used anytime and anywhere — coinciding with this, the volume of data traffic is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, in this era of social innovation in which nearly everything is connected to the internet, and in which big data is being utilized in diverse fields such as healthcare, medicine, education, transportation, and the environment, the question of how to build information and communication systems that are stable and ready to connect is a universal challenge for society.

For ourselves to be able to contribute to finding the solutions to such challenges while serving as a true partner to everyone, Anritsu has envisaged the company’s form in the year 2020 through its “2020 VISION,” under which it has set forth its goals to be a global market leader and to create new business through emerging business.

The slogan representing these efforts is Anritsu Group’s brand statement: “envision : ensure.” Taking the opportunity of the 120th anniversary of its founding, the Anritsu Group has come together to implement this “envision : ensure” concept, under which it is using innovation to give solid shape to the dreams and vision it shares with its customers while continuing to produce results that bring new value to society.
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